AKA Frequently Asked Questions


Set up your Delmarva Power account by calling 1-800-375-7118 or use their online form
Please forward your confirmation by mail or in person to our office.

Don’t Get Locked Out
It’s a great idea to give an extra key to a friend or neighbor. A ‘locksmith’ fee of $40.00 is charged to you anytime AKA Management Co. is called to unlock your door.

Rent Payment Options
Mail to: AKA Management Company, PO Box 7272, Wilmington, De 19803

Late Payment Charge
Rent IN FULL is due on the 1st of each month per the lease. For rent that is received after the 5th day of any month, a 5% late charge will be due.

Maintenance Issues
Anytime there is a maintenance issue, you can call our office or see the information located under the Tenant Services Tab - direct link: Maintenance Request to properly complete a maintenance request

Emergency Numbers
Need to report an emergency, such as fire or flood (after you’ve called 911)?
Business Hours: (302) 984-0266
After Hours: (302) 438-4858 (emergency issues, roof leaks and no heat, fire, flood issues only)

Moving out ?
Refer to your lease for terms and move-out procedures. Written notice must be presented to AKA Management Company 60 days prior to the first day rent is due of the month you wish to leave.
(for example, if you wish to move out on March 1, notice must be given NO LATER than January 1)